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In contrast to the traditional Hebrew method of learning found in the Old Testament (Joshua 1:8), the Apostello Learning® model is based on the New Testament method of "education" — a whole other system of learning that is supernatural and Holy Spirit-driven (Hebrews 10:16). It's all about learning in and through your spirit first without completely bypassing your intellect. This is a spiritual, supernatural way of learning available to every believer. That's why this concept is bigger than just a course, and it's not just for apostolic leaders — it's for everyone. 

DISCOVER YOUR APOSTELLO ASSIGNMENT is a powerful 4-lesson course that will help you find your unique role in God's vision, your seat of authority, and secrets to functioning from your seat of authority. Includes 4 video lessons and 4 prophetic discussions with Dr. Faisal Malick and Beverley Watkins.



APOSTELLO INTERCESSION is needed now more than ever. Join Dr. Faisal Malick and Beverley Watkins as they lay out God's amazing blueprint for outcome-altering intercession in this 10-lesson course packed with timely wisdom and fresh insight. 




The Apostello Difference

The Apostello Learning Model®

Plumbline Institute employs the Apostello Learning Model® used by the early church. Experience accelerated, supernatural growth under the tutorage of the Holy Spirit as He writes His principles and precepts directly on your heart (Hebrews 10:16). 


The Plumbline of The Word

We're going to make sure that what you build aligns with God's House. Our courses provide sphere-specific teaching that aligns you and your assignment with the eternal truth of God's Word.


Real World Results

Hands-on practical implementation ensures that learning is not simply theoretical, but actually has a measurable impact on your everyday life and work whether you're in business, government, or vocational ministry.


Prophetic By Design

Our courses are designed to include a proper interpretation of the Constitution of the Kingdom — the Word of God — couched within a sound prophetic understanding of the times.


Your 'A' Team

Dr. Faisal Malick and Beverley Watkins are your caped crusaders in this Apostello Learning experience. This anointed and seasoned apostle/prophet tandem will soon be joined by many other leaders who have tons of wisdom and years of experience to help you fast-track your assignment.


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