Your Seat is Waiting for You



Is This Course for You?

If you've been stuck in La La Land — forever dreaming but never getting anywhere — or tired of trekking around Mount Sinai and never arriving at the Promised Land — if you're ready to leave all that behind, this course is for you. A 4-lesson fast-track to your future through Apostello Learning will save you YEARS of wandering and wondering, "Does God really have an assignment for me?"


Wouldn't you want to find out your unique role in God's vision and how you can fulfill it?


Join Dr. Faisal Malick and Beverley Watkins in an online journey that will help you to DISCOVER YOUR APOSTELLO ASSIGNMENT.

You may not even know what that is. But never fear — that is why we are here.

We want to equip you with understanding and revelation on how you can identify your unique assignment in God’s vision and fulfill it.

We have created this 4-lesson online course which will guide you through the turmoil of the season and discover your assignment and its corresponding seat of authority. Check out this overview of the course:

Lesson One |  What is an Apostello Assignment?

  • What does apostello mean and is it for for everyone?
  • Discover the connection between your assignment and God’s vision
  • Align with God’s season and identify your kairos moments

Lesson Two | The Secret of the Seat

  • What is a seat of authority and how to function from it
  • Every assignment has a corresponding seat of authority
  • How do you know when someone is functioning from a seat of authority

Lesson Three | The Journey to Your Seat: Welcome to the Wilderness

  • The purpose of the wilderness and how to navigate it
  • The IDENTITY TEST and how to pass it
  • The GIFT TEST and how to pass it

Lesson Four | The Journey to Your Seat: Your Wilderness Exit Strategy

  • How to avoid getting stuck in the wilderness
  • What is the BREAD TEST and how to pass it
  • What is the AMIBITION TEST and how to pass it

Meet Your Instructors

What happens when an apostle and a prophet collaborate to create a powerful online course to get God's people ready to face the worst-case scenarios of life? Anointed synergy is what happens! As creators of this inaugural course, your instructors have designed a series of spiritual and practical lessons employing the Apostello Learning System®.

Dr. Faisal Malick

Dr. Faisal Malick (D.D., D.Litt.), is a best-selling author, accomplished entrepreneur, sought-after speaker, pastor, and educator. Faisal is the CEO of Malick Media film and broadcast studios and lead pastor of a thriving church, Covenant of Life Ministries in Langley, BC. He is also the founder and CEO of the Plumbline Leadership Network, as well as the Chancellor of the Plumbline Institute, the educational arm of the Network.

Beverley Watkins

Beverley Watkins is a seasoned prophet, teacher and international speaker with more than 15 years of experience in leadership strategies, spiritual education, and personal empowerment. Beverley serves on the Apostolic team of the Plumbline Leadership Network and is the Dean of the Faculty of Prophetic Education for the Plumbline Institute. Beverley, her husband Robin, and their children reside in South Africa.

How Does Self-Paced Learning Work?

With our Self-paced Learning, you are in the driver’s seat! You get to decide your own schedule, pace and intensity of learning.

On registration, you will receive access to all four lessons lessons in the course. You then have the flexibility to create your own learning schedule based on what works best for you. Watch the material at any time of the day (or night) and proceed at the speed that suits your learning style.

Each lesson is approximately 90 minutes and includes:

  • an in-depth teaching
  • a prophetic discussion of the topic

Your only restriction is that lessons must be watched chronologically. This means that you will need to complete a lesson before the next one will unlock for you.

Self-paced learning gives you the freedom to learn the way you want, when you want! 




  • What Is an Apostello Assignment?

  • The Secret of the Seat

  • Your Journey to the Seat: Welcome to the Wilderness

  • Your Journey to the Seat: Your Wilderness Exit Strategy