Meet Your Instructors

Dr. Faisal Malick

Dr. Faisal Malick is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, pastor, educator, podcast creator, and accomplished entrepreneur. Faisal was a former devout Sunni Muslim who had a supernatural encounter with God and came to the revelation that Jesus is the Son of God.

He is the CEO of Malick Media, Lead Pastor of Covenant of Life Ministries, President of the Plumbline Leadership Network, as well as Chancellor of the Plumbline Institute, and host of the Dr. Faisal Malick Podcast.

Beverley Watkins

Beverley Watkins is a seasoned prophet, teacher and international speaker with more than 15 years of experience in leadership strategies, spiritual education, and personal empowerment. Beverley serves on the Apostolic team of the Plumbline Leadership Network and is the Dean of the Faculty of Prophetic Education for the Plumbline Institute. Beverley, her husband Robin, and their children reside in Vancouver, after moving from South Africa.