Apostello Intercession

Prayer Lab

A corporate, hands-on leaning experience that makes prayer practical and impact measurable.


Change only happens when we actually pray.

You have invested a lot of time and money into learning about prayer and how to pray more effectively. But in order to reap the benefits of this education, you do need to practise. After all, one can learn about prayer for years, but it is only when we pray, that change happens.

I know that moving from the comfort and safety of the classroom to the real world can be daunting. This is why we created the AI Prayer Lab! 

This is a place where you can practise the principles that you discovered in apostello intercession among other like-minded learners. Gain confidence and experience as you pray together and see the results of your spiritual labours.

But wait, there is more! 

As a member of the AI Prayer Lab, you will participate in real-time spiritual assignments in which your prayer skills will be developed and honed even further. Learn from experienced intercessory leaders how to develop spiritual strategies for specific assignments and deploy them in your community or church.

What is a Prayer Lab?

In simple terms, it is a place where we learn to pray His will, together. It is a place where we focus on the practice of corporate, apostello prayer – moving from theory to experience.

The Prayer Lab provides a place where you can receive hands-on, experiential training and impartation in all aspects of corporate, apostello prayer. As you participate in strategic prayer assignments, you will gain deeper understanding of the principles of apostello prayer and expand your prayer capacity.

Gain experience in:

  • Discerning the Times and Knowing what to do
  • Positioning yourself for strategic prayer assignments
  • Understanding spiritual tactics
  • Accessing apostello intelligence
  • Implementing biblical principles of corporate prayer
  • Executing corporate prayer assignments

The Prayer Lab is an innovative place where you can be challenged and inspired to grow beyond your present experience of prayer. It is not for the faint-hearted. It is not a place of spectatorship. The Prayer Lab is where we bend our knee to Him, committing ourselves to grow in the practice and discipline of prayer that we may see His will done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Exclusive Content

You will experience ongoing spiritual education with exclusive, targeted teaching on prayer and intercession strategies for nations.

Hands-On Training

We participate in real time assignments from the Holy Spirit. Practical mentoring and training through every phase of the assignment.

Global Community

Gather with passionate leaders and intercessors from around the world who are learning to expand the kingdom together through prayer.

How Will it Work?

Only members have access to the Prayer Lab and its resources.

Corporate Lab sessions are held twice a month on Wednesdays at 4pm EDT. These are led by Beverley Watkins and include teaching (as it pertains to the prayer assignment) as well as corporate prayer. (Replays of these sessions will be available in the Prayer Lab.)

Our first Corporate Lab Session will be Wednesday, 12 May 2021.

All members are expected to join a Lab Group in which discussion, prayer work and feedback will be facilitated. These groups are held bi-weekly and participation is mandatory. 

Lab Group Times*:

  1. Tuesday - 8pm EDT
  2. Tuesday - 6pm EDT
  3. Wednesday - 3pm EDT
  4. Thursday - Noon EDT

*Choose a time that you can commit to attend bi-weekly meetings.

Assignment specific teaching and extra training will also be made available to all members who are free to access these materials in their own time.

Join the AI Prayer Lab

Membership Benefits

Monthly membership provides you these benefits:

  • Live corporate meetings with practical prayer assignments
  • Bi-weekly prayer coaching in small groups 
  • Exclusive teachings and content
  • Live Q&A session with Beverley Watkins and other leaders
  • Access to assignment-specific resources and materials.
  • Access to Private AI: Prayer Lab Community Board
Requirements for Membership
All members must have completed the Apostello Intercession course offered through Plumbline Institute. 

Opening Special


Regular price US$39.99

  • Hands-on, corporate AI Prayer training 
  • Bi-monthly, small group prayer coaching
  • Exclusive teachings and resources from Beverley Watkins, Dr Faisal Malick  and other leaders
  • Access to private AI Prayer Lab community page

*This monthly price is offered for first 6 months of membership, thereafter it reverts to regular price of US$39.99.


AI Annual Member

US$ 350/year

Best Value

  • Hands-on, corporate AI Prayer training 
  • Bi-monthly, small group prayer coaching
  • Exclusive teachings and resources from Beverley Watkins, Dr Faisal Malick  and other leaders
  • Access to private AI Prayer Lab community page