God is Speaking to You


We want to encourage you today with this short (5 minute) excerpt from a powerful message by Dr Faisal  Malick about how Jesus leads His sheep. If you are one of His sheep, then you can recognize His voice. You can hear Him and you can follow Him. Dr Faisal unpacks the scripture in John 10:27, sharing some nuggets on how to apply this in your life practically.

God is ready to talk with you and we want you to be ready to hear and receive His life-giving word.

 As you listen to the message, this is our prayer for you:

Father, we are your sheep and You are the Great Shepherd. We thank you that, today, we can hear your voice. Each person that is listening can hear your voice. We ask that all frustration and discouragement that has hindered their walk would now be lifted off them. We pray that the truth of your Word would destroy every lie. We ask that the light of your Word would illuminate their path and that the power of Your Word would strengthen them to walk in it. We ask this all in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen


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